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Have a question?

Have a question?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked. Please take a look to see if your question is here. 

Who is Residoo?

How do I become part of Residoo?

What do I need to become a Residooer?

Will I be subject to background checks?

How many hours would I be expected to work in a day?

What would be the normal distance to deliver?

Would I be employed?

How many days can I commit to?

Are there any age restrictions on becoming a Residooer?

How many parcels would I have to deliver?

How do I receive the parcels for onward delivery?

Can I deliver these parcels anytime?

Will I receive training?

Will there be further opportunities once I am a Residooer?

How would I get paid?

Can I involve my family at home?

Will there be other services Residoo will offer?

How big is Residoo?

You mention that Residoo is community focused what does that mean?