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Who we are.

Residoo started as a conversation between two friends who have spent the past 30 years in the logistics industry both here in the UK and overseas.

The conversation centred around the first lockdown of 2020 and the potential isolation of many people in the UK, in our local communities. We knew that there would be an increase in home/residential deliveries and for some this was a real lifeline but there were issues which the current systems do not take into consideration. We knew these issues would not be resolved, the home delivery systems would not cope very well and positive change was not coming through. Residoo will solve these problems Worldwide.

So, the conversation continued on how the communities we live in can assist with this huge increase in vans and packages on our local streets. After all, it is we as consumers that have caused the increase. And in a nutshell, Residoo was born.

Residoo is, ultra-convenient, carbon-friendly evening delivery by people from your local community.

Retailers – Couriers – Consumers – Communities. Residoo brings us all together.

Our team.

We are Residoo.  

Our team is made up of specialists in the freight and logistics sectors. All are passionate on providing a better delivery network. One that reduces emissions, gives back our streets and creates a community of like minded individuals.

Join the greener home delivery network today.

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