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Residoo is the ultra-convenient evening delivery service completed by people in your local community. Residooers help to minimise delivery vans in your neighbourhood, reducing congestion and ultimately carbon emissions.

As a Residooer, you get to cover a delivery area which is up to 1 mile from your own doorstep, it is always within walking distance, so you keep agile and get fitter, whilst getting paid for every delivery made. You can make it part of your daily exercise or even part of walking the dog!

Convenient, environmentally friendly delivery to your door by the people in your local community.

For a minimal amount of time each day, you will receive and then deliver no more than 15 small and lightweight packages to your local neighbourhood. All you need is time and a smartphone to access the free Residoo App (Android and iOS). You can then start earning money, all the time knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment and getting your daily exercise.

Here are some facts…

Your delivery vans are full to the brim on the roads of suburban communities. Your drivers are working harder than ever before, and it is not sustainable. Electric vehicles are better for the environment, but you also need innovative solutions to support your commitments to reducing your carbon footprint in all areas and not just the city centres.

Residoo can help you reduce your operating costs, reduce the carbon emissions your vehicles produce and improve customer satisfaction both now and, in the future, in the UK and around the world.

Residoo will dramatically reduce the number of expensive failed deliveries, return deliveries, and lost or (doorstep) stolen shipments.

Residoo will also offer an ultra-convenient return shipment service as we will collect from the consumers’ door from requests automated by you via our App. We believe the retailer/ your customer would love this approach as it will increase sales and improve their customers’ experience.

At Residoo, we believe that local communities can help in making our towns and roads safer, less congested and with cleaner air.

Local people make local deliveries on foot each evening. Getting paid is the cherry on the top.

There is no membership fee and nothing to pay upfront. You just get paid for each delivery you make, and you can even do it while you are walking your dog.

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